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A monthly magazine revealing the secrets of Astrology, Vastu, spirituality and occult principles of Yantra-Mantra-Tantra.
Science of Astrology is a complete treatsy by itself. It is based on certain rules, methods of interpretation and predictions. Characteristics of a person could be known from his birth star and constellations at birth time. His past, present and future could be revealed. Each and every incident happening in this universe could be interpreted in terms of astrology and every event is directly related to the movement of planets and stars. There is hardly any nation on this Earth, where some or other method of prediction is not being used. Using the methods of prediction, major events which are going to happen in this world, seasonal changes, important information regarding major events in a person"s life could be predicted.
Everybody wants to know about his/her future. So that they can gain maximum benefit during favorable time period and follow precautions during unfavorable time period. Today each and every news paper, monthly, forthightly of annual magazine publishes predictions based on birth star. This is the proof of popularity of Astrology. These days people are attracted towards the subjects Like Astrology, Tantra-Mantra-Yantra, Vastu, Spirituality etc. Today everybody wants to become rich. They try to get some help from above mentioned subjects.
From time to time, a person wants to know about his future as he wants to make his future happier than his present. If he can get even a glimpse about his future, he can be prepared to face the obstracless and hardships.
He has to face in future and he can plan for his survival and protection. He can even make his future favorable as per his desire. It a person could know that his furture is going to be more happy, bright and prosperous compared to his present, he can feel a new enthusiasm and zeal in his life. His capacity to perform would improve.
The knowledge of planets and stars of Indian Astrology is ancient. The founders of Indian Astrology have established the principles of prediction based on planets and stars after studying and conducting research for a long time. These principles are fundamental principles of Astrology. Based on these principles the successors developed the science of Astrology and gradually Astrology her become logical and realistic. Today we are in a position to predict seasonal changes, earthquacks, natural disasters without any help of any scientific instrument.


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