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Home : Rashi yantra PRODUCTS

Mesh Rashi Ratna Rudraksh
Mesh Rashi Ratna Rudraksh

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Your horoscope and Panchdashi yantra+lakshmikarak chautisa yantra with upratna (sub-gem) locket . 

Any person born in the world must be in the influence of some constellation determined by nature. Every sign of the zodiac is affected by movable heavenly constellation. So the person bears the character of that sign and that of the character of the related planet. Stones(gems)are selected as the agents of these planets. These gems have the quality and colour of the planets concerned. So by retaining the concerned gems one obtains their auspicious effects. In Jantra shastra(a religious treatise of charm) there are 64 codes of lans 8 sciences and every science has 8 faculties. There are three forms shakti, Mantra and yantra of these 64 codes. The most effective device among 64 devices is "Panchdashi". This confers the devotee pleasure, glory and beatitude(liberation).Through this device is related three signs of the zodiac. So you too retain a locket with the sign of zodiac and sub-gem of the lord of your sign and Panchdashi and enjoy all pleasures.

On one side of silver locket chautisa yantra and on the other side Panchdashi yantra alongwith upratna(sub-jewel)of the sign for Rs 1100/-


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