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A sure remedy from premature death and redemption from fatal and incurable ailments.


Human being has five tendencies which ascertain five elementary creation.Though the tendencies of all living beings are different because they are dominated by their elements yet the disparity of elements ratio gives birth to various diseases.Right from the Vedas to the tremendous modern literature there are numerous provisions for redemption from diseases like:hocuspocus,spell,knowledge,ablution,remedies,devotion,auterity etc.They pacify both mental and physical diseases.Mental diseases are lust,anger,attachment,proud,emulation,jealousy,passion,malice,narrow-mindedness,affection,craftiness,deception,confusion,prejudice etc.

There are two kinds of defects of mind.Rajoguna(The quality of pleasure) and jamoguna (The quality of darkness).Wisdom,patience and self-realization are the best remedies of the three mental diseases.Longevity and permanent cure are indispensable for human being.Everybody is anxious about his health all the time and unfailing solution of this problem is Mahamrutyunjaya.Death is absolute truth but untimely death is possible whether it is circumstantial or unfortunately.Mahamrutyunjaya is the panacea for abrubt extremely sudden horrible misfortune,fatal diseases.

The adoration of Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra not only triamphs death but also solves all materealistic distress.To adore absolute benefactor,Bhagwan Mahamrutyunjaya to make oneself immortal.This is the Mantra (incantation) which makes ones life successful before and after death.

Ghore ki Naal
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Ghore ki Naal
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