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Kaise paye santan-sukh.

In our country the aim of marriage is not only physical pleasure but to give birth to a child to lead a successful life and let the generation go ahead. Every espouse cherishes a wish of giving birth to a beautiful baby. If the child is beautiful and behaving their pleasures know no bounds. Those who give birth to an obedient and modest son are fortunate. An obedient and caring children are said to be the fruition of auspicious deeds. A son takes ahead the family tradition while a daughter through her virtue enhances the honor of the two families. There are some such families who dont reproduce a child even after a lot of efforts, such couples who have obstacles in giving birth to a child after the treatment of good doctors, should not be hopeless because we have brought Santan-Sukh-Samrudhi-Packet for you. Its use will helps to fulfill all your desires.

1. Do you have no children as yet?

2. Is all your efforts unsuccessful ?

3. Do you want to bear a beautiful and obedient child?

4. Dont you want your child to be obedient?

5. Is your child not as you wish?

6. Are you deprived of the pleasures of a child?

If you are afflicted to the above mentioned problems and you have not met with a positive result even after all efforts, you must use this Locket at least at once.

You will get in this packet: 

1. Santan Lakshmi Kawach

2. Santan Gopal Yantra 

3. Vruhaspati Pyramid

4. Jap Ke liye Mala(Rosary for counting)

5. 100 sitariya Pendal.


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