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Kalsarp Yoga Packet

Kaal is a synonym of death. The snake bite means death. When all planets leaving Rahu-Ketu, come between them i.e. when the sun, the moon, the mars, the mercury, the Jupiter, the Venus, the Saturn situated themselves between Rahu and Ketu, Kalsarp is formed. Kalsarp yoga affects a mans life and his activities many ways. Sometimes it makes one fully deranged and unsteady and sometimes it sets one between success and unsuccess. The Kalsarp oppressed person can check its influence by adoring Kalsarp Yoga Packet. He can make efforts to lead a happy life by worshipping it. Kalsarp may afflict you in the following way.

1. Are you struggling with mental strains?

2. Are you physically weak?

3. Are you facing hell like fomentation?

4. Do you have issue obstacles and obstruction?

5. Do you feel obstacles delay and dissatisfaction in all work?

6. You have infirmity and you always have vision of a snake?

7. Do you experience lack of the seven pleasures of life.

8. Do you have scarcity of wealth and excess of expenditure.

9. Are you getting delay in marrying.

10. Are you facing obstacles in getting education ?

If it is so then beware. These are the marks of Kalsarp Yoga. Its only remedy is to adore Kalsarp Yoga Packet. So get your order booked only today and get this marvelous packet.

Nyauchhawar Amount Rs. 1500/- only


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