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Are you facing family contention?

It is said that a man may lead a life like Paradise but to lead the life of such a supreme pleasure, there must be peace and happiness at home. Domestic pleasure means ones espousal life. If ones espousal life is not happy, one has nothing. Espousal comforts does not depend on prosperity or adversity. A poor man may lead a life of contentment and happiness with his family whereas a rich man may lend a miserable life in spite of all wealth and affluence if he has harmony in relations with his wife and children. So it is said that if a man is happy at home he is happy everywhere and if a man is worried at home he cannot find happiness anywhere. To-day, a man who enjoys espousal bliss is the happiest man in the world or people are suffering the affliction of contention at home. There are disputes, misunderstanding dissatisfaction with wife, children, parents etc. If you too want to make your home a veritable paradise, install this "Dampatya Sukh Shanti Packet".

Is your espousal life not happy?

Do you have ideological disputes?

Are you facing family contention?

Is there atmosphere of unrest in the house?

Is your husband/wife not agreeable?

If you are afflicted to those problems, and you dont get any solution even after all efforts, You must try this packet at least once. You will get the following materials in this packet:

1. Matangi Yantra

2. Swastik of mango wood,

3. Jap Mala

4. Devi Yantra Pendal

5. Mansa Wacha Pyramid 

6. Vastu Yantra

7. Sampoorna Sadhna Vidhi

Nyauchchawar Rs 2100/- only


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