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Apradhi Manasikta Saman Packet

Time is ever changing. Planets and situations keep on changing. Situations as well as moving heavenly bodies tell their effect. There are several main situations which transcend a human being to the climax and at the same time there are several malign situations even after a lot a toil and moil. By birth some children are calm, some are active and some are wicked. Someone gets a thing through asking while others wish to get by snatching. Some people are context with what they have while others are context when they grab someone elses property. This all depends on tendencies and mental status. If not reformed this mentality changes one to become a criminal. Then there is no chances of any improvement. If a crime is committed either by circumstances or in self protection it is agreeable but if it is committed on purpose i.e. in greed, for money, property, woman and to unsure other persons right it is drastic and abominable. If the first theft is not caught, it increases the greed and courage of a man.

Formerly children used to go to bed with fairy tales, played in grounds. They were free sform violence but today T.V. serials and violent films have changed the circumstances and at the same a parents responsibility too has increased manifold, One thing is always to keep in the mind that an educated criminal is more dangerous than as illiterate one.

You will get in this special Packet:
1. Mahamrutyunjaya Yantra Pendal with Moti-Sunahla 

2. Baglamukhi Yantra 

3. Parad shivling 

4. Rudraksha Mala

5. Bhuvaneshwari Kawach.

Nyauchchawar Rashi Rs 1500


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