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Does your kid not concentrate on study?

Is your kids memory  weak ?

Does your  kid not concentrate on study?

Are you dissatisfied with the kids progress?

Is he lagging behind in his/her/its  class?

Is your child rude/mischievous?

Is your ward (son/daughter) disqualifying in compatative 
examinations time and again?
                                You will get in the Kalash:
    Kalash  no. 1                                                             Kalash no.2

1. Complete Vidyavardhak                                       1. Vidyavardhak Mala (garland)

2. Parad (Mercury)                                                    2. Saraswati+Ganpati yantra Locket
Saraswati statue (idol)

3. Saraswati Kawach                                                3. Saraswati yantra+Ganpati yantra+


Today is the time of competition. If your ward lags behind or gets less marks, he/she is unable to get admission to higher education. Children often neglect their studies. They waste their time in watching T.V .or in other entertaining activities, But in this time if a child is weak in studies, he suffers later. These days parents are more worried than children. They devote all their time planning for their children and if children do not prove to be promising, parents find their life painful. Their dream seems to be shattered. All their ambitions come to a naught. If you want your child obtaining sensational marks in the examination and having brilliant success in all walks, use any of the two above mentioned Kalashas. These are fabricated keeping in mind these problems of the children/parents. You can contribute mammothly to your childs career by using these wonderful Kalashas. You can contact on the following address to get them. You please your orders through phone, fax or e-mail.

Each Kalash-Rs 1100/-


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