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Want apropriete life partner at right time.

Complete Solutions of Vivah Badha (Marriage obstruction), Mangal Dosh (inculpation),Gruh Klesh (trouble),Lack of Damptya (Espousal)pleasures, familiar dispute etc. It is a big problem to marry ones sons/daughters in time. There are many impediments concerning marriages like appropriate bride or bridegroom, education, features/look/horoscope comparison lineage/progeny/family etc. These problems delay the marriage settlement. Increase of childrens age increases the worries of parents. The same way those who are tied to wedlock, their lives are utterly painful due to family feud. Household contention is common in every family. Even newly married couples quarrel over trifles everyday. In spite of every worldly possession a man is hopeless and in strain. If you too are anxious about your wards marriage, in spite of all your efforts your son/daughter is not getting married or household contention is getting hold over your married life, your espousal life is not smooth, it is a golden chance for you. Yes, you can use SampurnaVivah Badha Kalash especially made to exculpate all above mentioned impediments.

                     You will get in this Kalash
1. A Sampurna Vivah Badha Nivaran yantra Pyramid which is very effective and useful in marriage problems. This will remove all kinds of marital architectural and planetary defects.

2. Shiv Gauri yantra: This Pranapratishthit yantra pays a very substantial role concerningimmediate marriage and epousal pleasures. It is an epithet of Shiv-Parvati it will change your house into paradise. 

3. Katyayni yantra ewam Durga Bisa yantra Locket(With Topaz and coral):It is worn round neck to exculpate all impediments. The topaz will provide you espousal pleasures.

4. It is a Kawach (armour). You have to make it yourself and you have to tie it on your left arm. The method of making it is being sent together.

5. Katyayni Mala: You have to recite holy text on this rosary. 

6. In addition to above mentioned instruments, you will be sent a booklet contain ing all details of experiments of Sampurna Vivah Badha Kalash so that you may not face any kind of difficulty.All these articles are endowed with holy texts and adored.


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