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" Departments>Vastu Section "

Vastu Section:
For last five years, a separate vastu section is setup in Vishwa Tantra Jyotish organization. In this section, remedies to Vastu defects, Vastu Shanti, Anushthan, consultation for the construction of a house, factory, ofice etc. are prescribed. This section also undertakes the task of marking the defects in a plan. The main objective of this section is to apply the principles

of Vanstu without major changes in already existing structure. So that a person has to bear minimum expenses. To rectify the vastu defects, centre can orginize a number of Anushthan, Havan, Yagya etc. at the premises of a client, if it is inevitable. Many relavent books on vastu are written by Shrimaliji. They will be available shortly in book stalls.
The term "Vastu" means to reside. A place where we live is calld Vastu. various rules to construct a house are explained in Vastu Shastra. By following these rules, we can attain good health alongwith other benefits. An expert in vastu can tell you about the health problems of the residents of a house.

What are Vastu defects?
While constructing a house, due to ignorance of the rules of vastu, many flaws and defects remain in the constructed structure. Due to such defects negative and harmfull energy enters the premises and the owner or the resident of the house has to face a number of financial, social, political problems. He may have to face serious problems that of life and death. Thus, to avoid such problems,our ancestors have taught us to utilize the natural elements like sunlight, wind direction and magnetic field of Earth. Proper knowledge directions and properties of these elements should be combined together to construct a proper house.

Types of Vastu defects and their remedies :
There ae various types of Vastu defects. Some of them cause health problems, some of them cause business problems etc. Some of the vastu defects are explained below with appropriate remedies.

If the corner angle of opposite house is in front of your main entrance, then your luck is affected. This is known as konavedh and the remedies are as under.

  • If both the neighbours can construct a shade in the middle of their house, then this would be beneficial to both the parties.
  • Install an instrument indicating directions on top of the house. The arrow of insturment should be pointed towards opposite house.
  • On the main entrance of the house, tie a string of auspicious cowries.
  • Install a haxagonal mirror on the top of the house. This mirrior could be coverd with a curtain.
If there is a factory or workshop in front of your house, it can create health problems. Following are the remedies:
  • Erect a lamp post in front of your house in such a way that the lamp illuminates the road in front of the house.
  • Tie one big balloon on one side of the house.
  • Plant the trees like Ashoka in front of your house. Be careful that these trees do not obstruct the sunlight.
Dining table or bed should not be placed under a beam in the house. In office, do not place a table or a chair under the beam. A person sleeping, sitting or working under a beam remains tense. Following are the remedies.
  • Place a flag on a long poll between your house and other buildings. By placing a flag, you can rectify many vastu defects.
  • Place an instrument indicating directions in such a way that the arrow is pointed towards other buildings.
  • By placing flutes on both the sides of a beam, defect is rectified. This is the best remedy prescribed by feng-Shui. This method is used mainly in South Asia, Japan and Hong Kong.

  • Vastu defect could be rectified by covering the beam with ceilling tiles.

  • Install green color Ganpati on both sides of a beam. This would rectify the defect.

Note : There are many types of Vastu defects which can not be found by you. But their bad effects could affect your house, office, factory, commercial establishment etc. It you feel that you are affected by vastu defects and want to rectify them, please contact Pt. Kamal Shrimali. site visit could also be arranged.

Yantras to rectify Vastu Deffects :
A house is made up of bricks, mud, cement, stones etc., but a home is made up of affection,peace, contentment etc. If a person feels peaceful out of his house and as soon as he enters the house, if he has to face quarrels, lack of peace etc., this is the indication of vastu defects of the house. To rectify the vastu defects, it is not necessary to break or alter the construction, but by performing certain worships and rituals also, these defects could be rectified.
Following are some of the indications of vastu defects in your house:

  • If one of the residents is always sick.
  • There is no understanding and brotherhood among family members.
  • Scarcity of food.
  • Obstacles in arranging marriages of the offsprings.
  • If the kitchen is situated in North-East direction.
  • If Water connection, under ground water tanks or septic tank in south east corner.
  • If dirty water of the house flows towards the center of the house.
  • Unauspicious and horrible objects are displayed on the walls of your house.
  • Lack of verandah in the house.
  • Staircase in Brahmsthan or garage in north east corner of the house.
  • If the plot of your house is in the middle of two big plots.

Our experts have prepared many yantras to rectify Vastu defects. The intention behind developing these yantras was to make our lives happy.
The most important characteristic of a businessman or a professional is his pleasant speech. His behaviour could be strict or soft, but his speech should always be pleasant. Goddess Laxami could be pleased through sincere and honest efforts. To make your behaviour and speech pleasant, you must have a little jaggary and drink water before leaving the house. This is an age old, proven technique.

Siddha Beesa Yantra :
The Beesa Yantra has the power of number twenty. It is also charged with "Navarn Mantra" of Goddes Jagadamba. By fixing this on the threshold of your shop or business premises, it provides protection from evil eye. Bad vibes and curse of your enemies become ineffective. In a way this yantra provides protective shield for your shop. Install the yantra engraved on a pure metal and activated through proper mantras.

Indrani Yantra :
Indrani Yantra is personified Beesa Yantra. If a person is making financial loss inspite of professional approach and sincere efforts, then it is advisiable to "install Indrani Yantra. This would protect from financial losses.

Trikon Mangal Yantra :
This yantra should be installed two feet under the ground in north-east corner or east direction of your establishment. In your shop or establishment, if the staff members or buyer are stealing the goods or money; or not paying money on time, then this yantra should be installed with proper worship. This yantra protects the establishment from fire, also.
Besides this yantra, if Shwetark Ganpati and Shri Yantra in Silver are also installd on the East Wall of your establishment, then positive results could be attained quickly. The house or shop are always blessed by Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha.

Maruti Yantra :
This yantra is of Maruti Nandan Shri Hanumanji. There are many uses of this yantra. One of the uses is rectification of vastu defects. This yantra is useful, if a person is finding it difficult to sell his plot of land or if he is involved in some dispute regarding his land. This yantra should be installed underground on the east boundary of the plot on Tuesday. Noon 12.00 O"Clock with proper wirship. The owner of the land should install the yantra 1 1/4 feet below ground and pour milk and Gangajal on it facing east or north east. Then he should cover it with soil.Dispute related to land would be sorted out within three months. Or the land would be sold at good rate.This is a wonderful yantra. This also has protection power. This could be used as a protection for the vehicles, also.

Varun Yantra :
Varun Yantra rectifies all the defects related to water. If source of water, water connection, under ground watertank are situated in south east corner, then by installing Varun Yantra on that place, this defect could be rectified.

Vastu Purush Mandal Yantra :
Sarv mangal Vastu Yantra rectifies all the vastu defects. Simultaneously, it fulfills all the auspicious intentions and wishes.
This yantra is very auspicious and wish fulfilling in all ways. It should be framed and installed on the wall of Pooja Room. It rectifies all the defects of a house, shop, factory or business establishment. Through this yantra Vastu Purush is being worshipped all the time.

Vastu Shanti Yantra :
This yantra is useful to rectify the defects of Brahmsthan. This yantra is very auspicious and bestows good luck. This should be framed properly and istalled in the middle portion of the house.

Vastu Purush Yantra :
This yantra is useful in rectifying the defects which are outside the house like DwarVedh, defective staircase, wrong direction of flow of dirty water, suez etc. This should be installed on outside wall of he house by removing a brick and then it should be covered with cement.

Vastu Devta Yantra :
This yantra is useful to rectify the vastu defects of north east corner of a house. This yantra should be installed in north east corner of the house through proper worship. On this yantra Vastu Mandal of 81 steps is engraved, in which the names of respective deities of each step are also engraved. By worshiping this yantra, all the 81 deities of each step are worshipped.

Vastu Yantra :
This is the yantra of number 18. This yantra should be installed mainly for Vastu Shanti. This yantra shold be installed while constructing a new house, factory, office etc., so that there are no obstacles in constructing the house etc. and the task is accomplished peacefully.

Krityanashak Vastu Yantra :
If your enemy has performed some black magic on your house, shop or office, then this yantra could nulllity the black magick and send it back. This is the most powerful yantra. Energizing and activation of this yantra is the most difficult, but not immpossible. it takes 10 to 15 days in activating this yantra.

Sarvmangalkari Cowries :
You must have seen the Cowries. Some people use them to play and some of them make a hole in the center and make their children wear it. Many people keep them in their cash box and their vault. Some of them make a garand of these Cowries and tie it on main entrance of the house or in front of their shop.
In fact cowrie is a symbol of Goddess Laxmi Cowries attract Laxmi. Who does not want to attract Laxmi in their house, shop or business establishment? On Dipawali, Cowries are worshipped along with Goddess Laxmi.
If you are also struggling with financial losses or earning less profit or attracting less clients, then place elevan cowries dyed in turmeric in your cash box or place them in a small beg and hang it outside the shop.

Swastik Yantra:
Early morning a big swastik attracts and reflects positive energy. Swastic Yantra engraved on a copper plate is not very expensive. Whenever you want to install a swastik yantra, first perform puja on that spot, draw a swastik and then install the yantra.

Sarvdosh Nivarak
Vastudosh Nivaran Yantra :
Sometimes a person does not want to get involved in complicated rectification of vastu defects. He wants to use only one yantra which is effective for all the defects, which either nullifies or minimizes all the vastu defects. This yantra is useful in all typer of vastu defects. You can install this yantra in your Puja Room and worship it daily. You can install it near main entrance also. It could be installed outside shop, office, factory or business establishment.

Other Techniques :
If Vastudosh Nivarak amulet alongwith three cowries is tied on the entrance of a shop or business extablishment, then the premises attracts a lot of clients and customers.
This amulet consists of various objects obtained from sea. They are conch, sea shells etc. Which are tied together using an energized, protecrive thread which protects the house from any kind of misfortune. This rectifies the defects like Dwar Vedh, Marg Vedh, Kona Vedh, Vriksh Vedh, Chhaya Vedh etc.

There are some other useful techniques which are always effective everywhere, which assures success. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Worship Vastu dosh Nivaran Yantra daily or at least install it in your home.
  • Perform Havan or Yagya at least once or twice in a year in your house.
  • Install Shri Yantra in your home and recite Shri Sukt daily.
  • Recite Ram Raksha Path or Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Perform Vastu Shanti before shifting into a new house.
  • If possible, perform Navchandi Path also as per your capacity.
  • Offer a coconut to your worshipping God and perform Puja of this coconut daily. If possible, use Ekakshi Coconut for this purpose.
  • To rectify the Vastu defects of East part of the building, install surya yantra in East and everyday offer homage and worship to suryadev.
  • To rectify the vastu defects of North part of house, paint the walls of the house green. keep a green bird as a pet or keep one toy parrot in the house. You can also install Budh Yantra which is also beneficial.
  • To rectify the vastu defects of west part of the house, Beesa Yantra is the most effective.
  • To rectify the Vastu defects of south part of the house, worship Hanuman or Bhairav and install Mangal Yantra in the house.
  • To rectify the Vastu defects in your business premises, either install "Kalp Vriksh Yantra" inside the premises or carry it in your purse or brief case.
  • To rectify all kinds of vastu defects install medium sized pyramid yantra consisting of nine Sumeru Pyramids in your house. You can hang this yantra on East or North Wall of your house. Your can use this pyramid to prepare pyramid water, also. This pyramid is multiupurpose.

  • There is one pyramid specially designed to rectity the defects of business premises. This pyramid could be installed in your shop, office, factory or any other business establishment you must offer flowers, incense etc. daily. This pyramid could rectity all the vastu effects.

  • It has been observed that a house in which a Clockwise Conch, Parad Shivling, Rightsided Ganesh, Shri Yantra, etc. are installed, is always full of happiness and peace. Because above mentioned objects control the deity of vastu.

If you are not able to install or implement any of he remedies, it is advisable to install Vastudosh Nivarak Yantra in your Puja Room. If this is also not possible, then dig a small pit near the foundation of your house. and bury this yantra immersed in honey. Cover it properly with soil. This technique would certainly give good results.


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