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Astrology Section:
Pt. Kamal Shrimali has been guiding and administering an Astrological department in his organization Vishwa Tantra Jyotish for many years, where horoscopes of many people are stored and studied. Here remedies are prescribed according to the problems of a person, so that a person could get rid of his problems. Prescribed remedies are least expensive and effective within the shortest possible time period. Any person can send his/her horoscope to the centre and get information regarding solution to his problems, defects in horoscope, remedies to his problems etc. This is a unique organization in the whole world, where their is no discrimination between rich and poor. Any person can visit the centre by appointment and know about his future predictions. For long distance consultation anyone can approach the centre through post./fax/ e-mail. Due to in-depth knowledge and experience of Shrimali Ji and due to his logical and practices approach, centre receives hundreds of letters daily. This gives fair idea about workload at the centre These days Astrology and Shrimali Ji are considered complementary to each other. Whenever Astrology is mentioned, Shrimali family is always remembered. They have contributed immensely for generations to popularize this science and they will continue to do so.


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