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Diksha-A Great Tradition
The first step towards the path of spiritual evolvement is to surrender to your Guru, without opening this door, it is impossible to enter the path of spiritual evolvement. This is confirmed by the great scholars. The reason is a student, however brilliant and intelligent, can not study on his own without any guidance of his teacher. Direct coaching of his Guru is required to understand the important fields of study like Arts, sculpture, business etc. To become an engineer, doctor etc. it is necessary to study under supervision of an experienced and learned professor. A person who buys a car with his own money, learns driving from someone else. Similarly, to experience the mysteries of spiritual science, We need an experienced Guru. Is it possible to treat a serious ailment without the help of a qualified doctor? The help of a surgeon is required to cut and clean a boil. The necessity to surrender to a Guru is of the same kind. To attain the goal of self realization, it is necessary to surrender to a Guru.

Instructions of one's Guru should be carried out by a disciple with full faith and without any doubt. By learning from and serving one's Guru, a disciple can attain liberation. It has been mentioned in Shruti that Guru is God, there is no other God. Grahmvidya Upnishad.

By surrendering on the path of self realization, physical body remains the same, but still it has been considered as being born again. This is called rebirth also. A bond of closeness and unity is revived through initiation. Advantages of being united are known to all. Rivers connected with Himalayas never dry up. They continuously get he benefit of melting ice. A brook of water can become Gangajal by merging itself with Ganga. Weeds growing around a sandalwood tree become scented. A creeper can grow as high as a tree by taking support of a tree. On its own, it couldn't have reached such height. A kite reaches high in the sky through the efforts of a kitetflyer. Even a blade of grass fly high in the sky during storm. Small leaves can reach the ocean floating in the river. Dog of Yudhisthir reached heaven. These examples prove the capacity of deep communion which could be attained through initiation by a Guru.

Guru diksha means initiation by Guru. it consists of two elements. Greatness of Guru and eligibility of disciple. If both these elements are of highest quality, suitable results could be achieved. Therefore in this tradition as Guru is required to shower his blessings accordingly a disciple has to fulfill certain obligations. Vivekananda, Dayanand, Shivaji, Chandra Gupta etc. had fulfilled their obligations as disciples. A Guru not only shows the path, but shortens time duration also. He helps to attain aspired benefits in shorter time. A human being enters this world incomplete. Therefore, he craves to achieve completeness. Guru is the only hope to achieve the sense of completeness. Therefore, initiation is required.

Initiation can clear up the impurities of the body and mind such purification makes one eligible to worship God. There is only one Guru and spiritual energy is spreading around from Him. If we examine this from the viewpoint of lineage, from Mulpurush Parmatma Brahma, Rudra etc. are receiving knowledge in hierarchy.

The same knowledge has been passed on to disciples in hierarchy. Our Guru has also received this knowledge. This is called lineage tradition. This traditional knowledge in its complete and pure form could be attained through one's Guru, only. Because Mulshakti illuminates gradually. It helps a lot to awaken the dormant energy in one's heart centre. This is the reason, some people who have great devotion, eagerness and faith in their heart, do not experience the grace of God, in such extent as the disciple can experience it throught initiation.
In the lives of incarnations, incidents depicting importance of eclipse have been noticed. Lord Rama was initiated by His Guru during eclipse, so was Lord Krishna by His Guru Sandipani. Because during eclipse, maximum benefit of initiation, religious rites or any austerity performed could be achieved. For each and every person, it is not possible to meet his Guru personally, inspite of having true desire and full faith in his Guru. Sometimes social commitments, sometimes professional obstacles and sometimes unfavorable circumstances do not allow a disciple to reach his Guru. But the aim of life is to overcome such obstacles. If you are also facing similar circumstances, and are not able to reach Gurudham on auspicious initiation ceremony during eclipse, then send your present photograph with relevant details. like Name, Father's Name, (Husband's name incase of a married woman), Gotra and the purpose of initiation, Name of Sadhna or details of wish for which you would like to get initiated. Please send M.O./D.D. of Rs. 550/- as Guru Dakshina, drawn in favor of "Trinetra Siddhi Kendra" Jodhpur. You will be initiated by your Guru during auspicious time period of eclipse and initiation related material would be sent to you. Once, God Dattatreya has mentioned. "It is not enough to be initiated only once by your Guru." Kabir has also mentioned, we mush keep on cleaning our vessels as they keep on a accumulating dirt. More we clean them, more they shine. More we wipe a mirror, it reflects your image more clearly. When our consciousness is covered by greed, desires, selfishness, attachment, ignorance, anger etc. impurities, Initiation is the best means to purity it." Therefore, whenever you get the opportunity to visit your Guru, you must receive initiation, even though you have been initiated earlier. You must keep on purifying your vessel.


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