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Through a specific order and concoctation the meditation of a deity, the specific amulet of the very deity becomes visible to mediators in space and this very unconscious stage being proved conscious, the amulet possesses concrete form. This form of  a deity is the same as is described in the meditation. Human body is embodiment of ultimate universe. All the powers and dignities(supernatural powers)which conduct this universe are present is human body in abstract form.Shriyantra is the supreme and no instrument can excel it in the world in matters of bringing comfort, prosperity and other worldly influence. This amulet is dignified even in Jain scriptures.

Undoubtedly several accomplishments reside in shriyantra automatically.Ascatics,recluses,tantriks,businessmen,householders and foreigners all have accepted its dignity unanimously. This amulet is matchless for economic and professional success. For adequate effect to establish(install) mantrasidha,Pranapratishthayukta shriyantra is sufficient. There is an intimate reciprocal relation between shrisukta and shriyantra.If a man recites shrisukta regularly before shri yantra there is no doubt in fulfillment of his desires.

Install a shriyantra in your house, office ,concern(business) or wear it in ring/locket.

1. Whole shriyantra

2. Shriyantra available on (gold, silver, copper sheet)

3. Shriyantra Pyramid

4. Shriyantra Mudrika(ring) (in gold/silver)

5. Shrisukta cassette

6. Sumeruprushtha shriyantra in Panchdhatu

7. Shriyantra Locket(gold-silver)
8. Shriyantra Rahasya Pustak

9. Navratna shriyantra Locket (gold/silver)

10. Shriyantra on a tortoise back.

11. Parad(mercury) shriyantra (available in crystal/shaligram)


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