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Nashik On 28-04-2018

Nashik On 28-04-2018

Nashik On 28-04-2018

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Mumbai On 29-04-2018

Delhi Harinagr On 19-04-2018

Mumbai On 13-04-2018

Raipur: 22 March

Nagpur: 23 March

Delhi: 21 March

Delhi Pitampura on 07-04-2018

Delhi Harinagr on 08-04-2018

Pune On 14-04-2018

Mumbai: 24-26 March

Mumbai On 16-04-2018

Delhi Pitampura on 17-04-2018

Chandigarh on 18-04-2018

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Leo, Virgo and Libra-under influence of sadhesati, Gemini and Aquarius under Dhaiya
The Measures of Exculpation.

1 .Shani Pyramid Rs750/- and Rs250/-

2. Tantrik shani Mudrika chaandi(silver) Rs550/-

3. Ghode ki naal(Horse shoe) Rs 200/-

4. Purushakar (in the form of a male figure) shani yantra Rs 150/-
and Rs 350/-

5. shani yantra Rs 150/- and Rs350/-

6. Chhalla(ring) of Horse shoe Rs 51/-

7. Silver locket studded with snapphire Rs 885/-

8. Parad (Mercury) shivling starting from Rs 550/-

9. Mahamrutyunjaya yantra Rajat Patra Rs 5100/-

10 .Mahamrutyunjaya yantra tamrapatra Rs 351/-

11. Mahamrutyunjaya Mudrika gold and silver Rs 3100/-

12. Mahamrutyunjaya Locket silver Rs 450/-

13. Mahamrutyunjaya gold and silver Rs 3100/-

14. Parad Mala (rosary) Rs 1100 and 1500/-

15. Rudraksh Mala Rs 200/-

16. shani Pratima (image) Rs 750/-

17. shani yantra Locket Rs 450/-

18. Shani sadhesati/Dhaiya Nivaran Kawach Rs 550/-

For Pranapratishtha though authentic rites, these amulets(instruments) and other information contact:

                The symbol of Material Prosperity Crystal
Man has visualized/viewed beauty, power and hidden mystery in gems from eternity. As the herbs have power to revitalize living being, crystal have the same sort of powers. These potential crystals lie hidden under earth for lacks of years. Crystals retain specific energy and we use them to lead a better life.

Crystals were used as armours to repel negative or foul energy for the first time. Like herbs, crystal are always effective. Crystals are abound in specific positive energy so one can take advantage of them by keeping them in almirahs, drawers, boxes, chest etc. These active and energetic objects compulsorily affect our body fortune and environment


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