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 An Introduction of Adorable Personality
" Pt. Kamal Shrimali "

Shri Krishna himself has mentioned in Gita that whenever and wherever there would be decline in religious practice and rise of irreligion, at that time to estabilish religion again, founders of New Ages descend on this Earth who help and guide in re-establishing and reconstructing righteous life style.
This is equally ture for pt. Kamal Shrimali. On one hand socalled astrologers read a few books on Astrology and open their shops to misguide the common man and on the other hand great -

learned scholars prescribe very expensive remedies which may not be affordable to a common man. Only rich people can take advantage of these remedies. Observing this, Pt. Kamal Shrimali had a heartfelt desire to spread our religious, a cultural and spiritual heritage among common people. Great sages and seers have bestowed us with the heritage of Sadhnas, Upasanas and techniques of Yantra-Mantra-Tantra practice to achieve prosperity and happiness. Pt. Kamal Shrimali made up his mind to spread this knowledge among common people in simple language. Today the monthly magazine "Vishwa Tantra Jyotish" has been welcomed and admired equally by the students as well as scholars of Astrology and spirituality. They have contributed immensely to make it available to common people. In short span of time, this magazine has become the most popular and easily available magazine at every place. It shares meaningful information and knowledge on all the subjects.
Pt. Kamal Shreemali was born in a small place called "Looni" in Rajsthan. Early morning when Suryadev was about to dispel darkness and spread his light, at that time Pt. Kamal Shrimali was born in form of light to continue the family line of Mudgil Gotra in Brahmin Kul. Perhaps the hidden meaning behind this might be that as Sun distroys darkness by spreading light, similarly the child born in the best Brahmin Kul may be capable of destroying the darkness of ignorance. And it so happened. It is said that talent is not related to age Pt. Kamal Shrimali has proved this true.
The child was named as Kamal. Kamal means lotus It blooms in muddy and marshy lands, even then it is the most favorite flower of the deities. Some of them hold lotus in their hands and some of them sit on it. perhaps by naming him as "Kamal", the parents might have wished that their son should be beloved and favorite of all and he should remain untouched by the darkness spread in the society. His father is a scholar of vedes amd scriptures. His mother is a religions and simple woman. She is true devotee of God. She sees God"s will in each and every happening. Father has nurtured him with the complete knowledge of vedas, scriptures, astrology and the knowledge regarding Mantra-Tantra-Yantra practices. His mother has groomed him with the religious and spiritual values. So that he can keep himself untouched by the dirt of ignorance spread anound him and he can spread religion and culture.
According to Pt. Shrimali, if a person is poor inspite of availability of six great scriptures like Vedas, Purans"s, etc., then even Kuber, God of wealth, can not remove his poverty.
Considering the progress of scientific Modern Age, his parents groomed him in every aspect. Pt. Kamal Shrimali has studied vedas, upnishadas etc. and he has also learned Astrology, Vastu etc. He has edited the books written by his father to understand the depth of knowledge imparted by his father. Thus, the child has continued his endeavors to fulfill his curiosity.
To give a new dimension to his efforts, Pt. Kamal Shrimali organized a grand gathering of Astrologers in Metro like Mumbai. Astrologers from all over india participated in this event. Chief Minister of Maharashtra acknoledged the greatness of Astrology by attending the function of Chief Guest. It is impossible to describe in words how the Chief minister showered his affection on public.
Pt. Kamal Shrimali is continuously trying to nurture the true knowledge like Astrology, Samudrik Shastra, almost extinct knowledge of Mantra-Tantra-Yantra by writing research based innovative articles and books in very simple language. The task is diffcult but not immpossible.

Such attitude of Pt. Kamal Shrimali inspires us to progress in life. Such personality is our reverend Guru Pujya Sadgurudev Kamal Shrimali.

Kamal Shrimali is a leading star the world of Astrology & Palmistry.


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